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We are here for you...

Dear Parents,


We get it. This is a very uncertain time for everyone in the entire WORLD. Never before has our generation had to deal with something like this.

Alex and I have been brainstorming, trying to think of what we can do to help others.

What do people need at this time, that WE can offer?

All we can think of, is giving parents a chance to have some time to offering to teach and entertain your young kids for an hour or so.

They need to get their wiggles out, and we've got you covered!

We hope we can help YOU!

Joanne -Director of GSP


What's the deal?

Kid's DANCE & FUN classes will be each Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 1:00pm (PST - Pacific Standard Time), coming to you live from Vancouver BC Canada!

- Ages 5 and up 

- No dance experience required

- Classes in hyper Hip Hop, magical Musical Theatre and a little bit of joyful Jazz!

- Age appropriate music and moves

- Living room approved :)

- Chat time with the kids (show us your funniest faces, what is your best impersonation of a monkey, etc)... we know kids love to talk about themselves! 

- Sign up for a week at a time, cancel at any time

- $25 per week, per household, for as many kids as you have in your house 

- All classes will be sent via a private link to Zoom. You have the option to turn off your camera and microphone if you don't want your child to be seen by others.

- If you find yourself in a financial situation that you are unable to pay for these classes but still need help with your kiddos, please contact us via email. We understand.


Now go get that work done! :)

Small print!

We do require a minimum number of kids to make these classes run. If we don't get enough kiddos, we will advise you and send prompt refunds.


Help us spread the word!

Upon request, we can also add more classes!
So let us know what you need! Email us!

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