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Gus Bembery

If you've ever taken a Gus Bembery class, you already love him! Gus is a world respected hip hop instructor. Teaching all over Europe, Asia and North America is his full time career!

Vincent Noiseux

Vincent is Street Groove's newest faculty member but he is not new to the dance industry! Vincent is one of Los Angeles's top working dancers and is currently in demand as both a performer and instructor. We are so happy to have him join us!

Keeley Kaukimoce

Keeley "Lock n Key" Kaukimoce is a member of the famous Los Angeles Groovaloos, as well as the Beat Freaks, and one of the industry's top lockers! Keeley's classes bring authenticity and knowledge!

Mark Siller

B-Boy Marks ILLER has made his mark worldwide as a B-Boy, competitor, and co-founder/artistic director of street dance companies, festivals and crews. Mark is well respected for his incredible ability to teach all ages and skill levels. Street Groove is so excited to bring him to you!

Alex Pesusich

Alex has been part of the hip hop dance scene for over 20 years!

As co-director of Street Groove, Alex makes it his personal mission to bring you some of the best hip hop faculty in the industry. He also teaches a mean house class!

Joanne Pesusich

Joanne has been involved in the hip hop dance scene since 1991. Being a strong female dancer and role model is the most important to her, and she loves sharing her love of hip hop with fellow dancers in Canada!

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